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China Polyether Polyols Supply and Demand Status Analysis

Thanks to the capacity expansion of domestic polyether polyols, China’s polyether polyols capacity reaches 4870 kt/year, account for 43.1% of the global capacity. Domestic polyether polyols output reached 2640 kt and 2580 kt for domestic consumption by the end of 2016. It seems that the supply exceeds the demand. But according to the data released by China’s General Administration of Customs, the import of polyether polyols increased in last 2 years and its export increased year by year. So the current situation is not caused by unequal distribution of capacity, instead of overcapacity.
Polyether polyols products can be divided into flexible polyols,polyether polyols (HR),elastomer polyols , pop polyols, rigid polyols, etc. In 2016, the import volume of polyether polyols is 244 kt, increased by 20.2%, and the export volume is 205 kt, increased by 27.1%. The import volume of flexible polyols account for 70.1% of total import volume. Rigid polyols, flexible polyols and POP polyols account for 31.8%, 23.9% and 2.3% of total export volume respectively.